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iPollo B1L Profitability

The iPollo B1L is a Bitcoin miner. It mines the SHA-256 algorithm, with a maximum hashrate of 60 Th/s and a power consumption of 3000 W.

At an electricity cost of 8¢ /kwH, the iPollo B1L profitability is $-2.78 every 24 hours. That's 0.00004678 BTC mined per 24 hours.

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iPollo is an ASIC designer headquartered in Singapore. The company has been quick to become a competitive player in the mining landscape, building a highly profitable lineup. iPollo's product line includes the Ethereum V series, Bitcoin B series, Grin G series.

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How profitable is the iPollo B1L?

The iPollo B1L is a Bitcoin miner. At the current BTC price of $63,749.00, the iPollo B1L is mining $2.98 a day before power cost is subtracted.

At an electricity cost of $0.08 per kwH, the daily profit of this miner would be $-2.78.

How much Bitcoin does the iPollo B1L mine per day?

The B1L currently mines 0.00004678 BTC a day.

How much does the iPollo B1L cost?

The B1L costs $2,299.00.

Where to buy the iPollo B1L?

The B1L can be bought at iPollo.

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