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Goldshell SC-BOX Profitability

The Goldshell SC-BOX is a Siacoin miner. It mines the Blake2B algorithm, with a maximum hashrate of 900 Gh/s and a power consumption of 200 W.

At an electricity cost of 8¢ /kwH, the Goldshell SC-BOX profitability is $0.25 every 24 hours. That's 160.69 SIA mined per 24 hours.

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Past Profitability

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Goldshell focuses on altcoin miner development. It creates ASIC miners for Litecoin, Dogecoin, Kadena, Handshake and Nervos.

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How profitable is the Goldshell SC-BOX?

The Goldshell SC-BOX is a Siacoin miner. At the current SIA price of $0.00, the Goldshell SC-BOX is mining $0.63 a day before power cost is subtracted.

At an electricity cost of $0.08 per kwH, the daily profit of this miner would be $0.25.

How much Siacoin does the Goldshell SC-BOX mine per day?

The SC-BOX currently mines 160.69 SIA a day.

How much does the Goldshell SC-BOX cost?

The SC-BOX costs $369.00.

Where to buy the Goldshell SC-BOX?

The SC-BOX can be bought at NHASH, Coin Mining Central.

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